Flowers for your mother on the ML sand and water tub

Various pourable materials, gouache, markers are mostly used when playing with the Jonely educational toys. But we invite you to experiment with the natural natures resources. For example, to put some flowers into water for your mother on the ML sand and water tub :).

When the spring comes, you can go out with your children for a walk in the garden or park for some fresh air, to view the resurrecting beauty of nature at spring and also prepare various colourful materials for a fun project on the Jonely Magic light table or the Trays and Bubbles. And the most enjoyable thing is, that when the table changes its light, the flower petals and the leaves that are put on top of the table or the tray also will change their shades of colour, so you will be able to enjoy the constantly changing colors and the magic view of the water and the plants.

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