Holidays start after the Midsummer day

Summer time is the best - in summer there are holidays. So we would like to inform you that from the 1st of July till the 24th of July we will be going on a break . In case of something urgent you can get in touch with us by calling +370 650 830 49.
And today we will be celebrating the Midsummer day - the magically short night, when we will all come together, sit by the campfire, girls will put their own made diadems from flowers into the water, and somewhere a mysterious fern ring will blossom in secret... We wish for everyone to find it! Or be creative and make one yourselves ;). Our own made fern rings are floating in the ML water and sand tub, which is put on the Magic light table which radiates in various colours. ☺

Have a fun Midsummer day and we hope You will all get a good rest!


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