“Smilšu lampas” workshop at Latvian Mother Club summer festival

On June 4th for the second time Latvian Mother Club Summer festival was held at the Culture place “Ziemeļblāzma” in Rīga. The festival was provided by a wide variety of free entertainment and educational programs for families with children.
“Smilšu lampas” workshop also participated in this event, where all visitors were able to enjoy many applications of “sensory worlds”. "Sensory worlds" in other words, are sensory boxes, which are made for fine motor and sensory development of children.  They were made in Magic light tables and plastic trays and decorated from a variety of natural materials - sand, kinetic sand, stones, sticks, figures, cones, etc.
Festival participants had also possibility to make coloured sand art in Creativity frame “Colour dunes”. Every time sand frame was made in different way by giving a joy in the maker’s eyes.
Thanks to the Latvian Mother Club for the organization of festival! We wish the Festival long and creative life! More information: www.maminuklubs.lv

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